I'm a passionate creative portrait photographer who has recently moved up to Denbighshire, North Wales, but back in Birmingham I notched up years of experience travelling the UK shooting corporate, events and music photography. 

I've won awards, been published in photography magazine and internationally exhibited.  I love anything quirky and different that pushes the boundaries... or just fun and interesting!  My new studio space and commercial venture will be looking to offer underwater portraits as it's USP, a long with a small studio space with quirky props, a grand house/hallway location and top of the line Broncolor lighting.  In terms of my commercial portraiture, it can be viewed here:


I played in bands from the age of 14 at venues big and small up and down the UK, and I always used to expect more when I saw a pro photographer at a gig than the results we got.  Naively I didn't understand the challenges of low light (or a lack of light fullstop) photography, but it was a put up or shut up moment for me.  I was always fascinated by photography, and along with the creative output I naturally gravitated towards cutting my teeth shooting bands.  I've since covered some of the world's major artists live such as Kiss, Ellie Goulding, Van Morrison, Blink 182 and Biffy Clyo to name just a few. 



My love of photography would also take me to the streets of Birmingham during the St Patrick's Day parade festivals.  I used to shoot from the crowd for the love of photography and honing my skills, and then one year the organisers saw my work and promptly asked me to be the official photographer.  Before the move in 2018 I had remained the official photographer ever since.  I have of course covered other events too and would say my events style is nonintrusive and candid unless i'm asked for set formal images, or by members of the public to take their photo during the day.  I prefer to capture that real smile than interfere with the action, or that sudden realisation they've been caught in the moment.


I'm proud to have had clients such as Leicestershire based Force Four Creative where between us I had become a staple at the annual AGFA healthcare conference and covered many of GBRailfreight's yearly events such as conferences, chartered trains,, namings, race days, golf and employee family days out.  Once again, moving from the low light music stage to low light presentations without flash was a natural progression, and here again I travelled around the UK to be a regular with various companies.

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