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If you are looking for commercial photography, please visit my studio page for that ad-free goodness.

I'm terrible at updating this site!  Having moved up to North Wales pre-pandemic, my focus has been mostly on building and growing my new studio "Splash Point Photo"We are the premium photography destination in North Wales with a bespoke space, infinity curve, heated swimming pool & stunning house locations!






Just Like That!

Exhibited, Published and Awarded North Wales based photographer.  I tend to do the competition circuits for fun and create fine art photography (apparently!?).  My favourite thing to do is work on layered narratives of social issues, then prod and poke, and while there's some self-medication in terms of self discovery and it being born from me questioning my own interests, I like to believe I leave things open-ended for the viewer to choose to interpret it their own way.  Taking offence, questioning your own beliefs, or just enjoying it and coming along for the ride are all perfectly cool responses in my book.  For some it may be confused, but for those who message that really get it, relate to my reasons when we chat about it, and say they're now inspired to create fearlessly and do something creative to tackle their own demons, well they're all the justification I need... that and this horrible horrible addiction to self discovery, photography and the integrity of shooting it the way I do rather than running after trends and fashion!  This is what I do, and photography Jargon aside (but may be not the dyslexia), I genuinely can't explain it better than that.  I don't try to be different, just make good on my ideas how I envision them with my skill set and gear.  To you it may be different but to me it's just the results of obsessions over an idea and dwelling on it's various inspirations that helped shape it.


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