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About Me

I'm a portrait / art photographer and the owner of Splash Point Photo Photography Studio.  I like quirky, bold, provocative and colourful images.

This blog is inspired by a holiday to Japan.  Basically, at my mom's 70th Birthday party, my brother-in-law suggested that he and my nephews fancied a trip to Japan, and asked if I was interested.. in short, fuck yeah!  As I write this, four months prior to departing, I haven't been on a plane in about 20 years, or abroad in over 10, and while I always fancied Japan, I was never likely to venture there on my own due to said lack of experience and being an introvert on the most part. 

I watch a lot of travel videos on YouTube, namely Collin Abroadcast at the haggle markets, and also Simon Wilson being one of my favourites, so my wanderlust has been growing.  I also have a big interest in general leisure videos, especially anything involving collecting or general quirkiness, so I figured I could combine all the above and just have some fun with photo and video, shove it up on social media and YouTube, write a few blogs, and then anyone who wants to come on that journey(s) with me, can!

but first, let me take a selfie..
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