Welcome to my new site!!

Hey! Welcome! I can't promise you anything new or exciting in this here post as i'm writing this purely to let people know what's going on with my site and to discover what options I have while blogging. I'll probably publish these links on my site too, but in the mean time if you are here for my commercial, corporate or event work, please do go visit www.thru-the-lens.co.uk and follow/like the page on Instagram and Facebook. This blog will end up being a more expansive personal and personality driven section of the Fight the Light stuff (which i'll go in to in a sec) separate from that of the event work, but first, lets test these galleries with some images that can be found on thru-the-lens:

Soooo a new Blog eh? I've had a blog before but as this is hosted by my site I'm hoping it'll have a better gallery experience and then I can share several images from a shoot while not getting too carried away with in the portfolio pages on my actual site. I tend to work towards narratives and ideas where possible, so having to post singular photos out of context is a little weird for me on occasion as my drive tends to be more fine art... apparently? I never get these stupid industry categories.. basically I do what it is that I do and like and that's usually exploring moral and social issues, satire or just interesting colourful weird and wonderful visuals which I gather is closer to the definition of fine art than other stuff?

I'm often told that I'm different but I don't sit down and work out how to be as much as i appreciate being told, this is just legit integrity of what mental pictures and exploration pieces interest me. I find pretty pictures and fashion for the sake of it both boring and fickle unless the lighting is beyond mood driven and on point. I can appreciate someone else's work if it beautifully done, but there's only so many Photoshop filters and high production pieces which if combined with a pro model that needs little guidance, you're left having to wonder what exactly the photographer brought to it all? I tend to be very picky about what I do for my own projects, and often work too... a downfall for the bank balance but hey, i'm sure it'll solidify my stamp in the long run. You can either join the rat race of new trends or you can be the person everyone's trying to replicate and stand out from the crowd by being your self. It's a no brainer for me and I don't mind being a niche. The personal messages I get from time to time off people who get it and are buzzing and excited by it all remind me of the feeling I get when putting new ideas in to action and then being excited by the results. Trying to explain the above as an introverted dyslexic to people who don't get it would be a waste of time, but for me it's therapy and when those who dig it tell me much the same and that they're inspired to explore their own mind thru creative ventures as a result, plus they connect with my piss poor worded explanation while knowing they're not alone... then it's all worth it right?

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