Blipoint MyWorld Exhibition in Madrid

As quirky and on theme it is with some of my other work, the above shot is not mine! I know some of you are looking at it and thinking it's something i'd do, albeit not my processing style, but i feel I should point it out just in case!

I am pleased to announce that my birds eye ballet shot with Francesca Contortion and make-up artist Leanne Brown has been chosen to be included in the Blipoint 'MyWorld' Exhibition in Madrid on October 5th at the Matadero art space!

To clarify, it's this shot from my derelict ballet set, not the one in the WexMondays Exhibit last year.. it's the one that will follow me to my grave! It seemed a fitting addition to the MyWorld competition for that reason to be fair as it's representing my love of photography and shooting that I just can't escape, and the photo itself is such a prominent part of my portfolio whether I like it or not. It's the shot i'm almost obliged to answer as my best even though it maybe doesn't speak to me like other narratives and the more quirky and provocative stuff does. Not that's any judge of it as I have weird taste and my favourites change with my mood and boredom levels, but I will let you in on a cheeky secret though. On purpleport where said shot was conceived with Fran and Leanne, I remember turning around to Francesca and saying it would be a FrontPageImage for sure (something i've been bad at judging of late, me and the current trends on purpleport are not friends), and i think within two hours of it being uploaded it had made it as an FPI. It's a weirdly small victory that means a little too much to those who frequent the site, but I guess that was my confidence in the shot at the time. I've said it a few times since with other shots and it hasn't been the case though, ha ha. Anyways, back to the exhibition!

Check out the blipoint blog announcement here

If any of you are fluent in Spanish, then please do feel free to translate any note worthy additions in information, and if any of you happen to be in Madrid and check it out, i'd love to see some photos!

Praise Google Translate If you are passionate about photography, you have an appointment on October 5th in Matadero de Madrid and is that, Blipoint the social network for artists and photographers, lovers of art and photography held an exhibition with the winners of the contest MyWorld. A photographic contest that represents everything that surrounds us: our society, culture, moments and feelings that are part of our identity. The exhibition of Blipoint, in addition to publicizing the work and talent of young artists, will be an event to enrich knowledge together with important figures in the world of photography. Talent, creativity and total synergy will be brought together in the same space.

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