Happy New Year! A quick update..

Resorts world Birmingham New Years 2018 So yeah, Happy New Year!

I've been threatening to write a blog and update the site for ages. Days roll in to weeks, and weeks in to months, and the before you know it... it's next year!? The only reason i'm managing this now is because I really want to do something productive but don't have the mental energy for anything substantial, so this is a happy medium! Those who follow me on Insta and Facebook will know i've not really stopped or gone anywhere and that i've got plenty of new material that I should be updating my portfolio with. There's also plenty of little tit bits I could be blogging about such as the recent exhibits that I've mentioned in previous posts that now have footage I can share. Most of you however have probably seen that on said social media, but what you may be less aware of is the big move to Rhyl North Wales after 25 years here. Between the last blog and now we've pretty much concluded where we're going, and despite packing, sorting and wondering, i've been far more mentally able to envision what prospects, adventures and ideas are available to me. Geographically it may not be the best in terms of a direct comparison to being central and next to a massive transport hub just outside of Birmingham, but arguably it'll be far more of an experience worth travelling for, which will be my aim. Something concise but with tiered packages to be somewhat inclusive, yet I'll still be aiming at more of a bespoke market of experience days (if not 'weekends') having spent years falling in love with lighting, creativity and not a one size fits all approach.

They do say you're more likely to achieve goals by NOT telling them to people, which as an introvert i'm pretty good at, however the pressure of letting it out the bag and having integrity also goes some-way to contradict that too. I wont go in to many specific details just yet but my main aim when I move is to look in to underwater portraiture as a USP. I have a million ideas running around ye olde noggin to make it worth peoples time, but in terms of quality too i'll be looking to do more editorial and magazine vibes than cheap and novelty. Can you imagine a bridal shoot underwater with the (or a) long flowy dress? It'll be an experience not every day and hard to come by for those within the industry such as experienced models, let alone those wanting that one extravagant shoot at a seaside location that can also offer a pool, studio, boudoir, beach and may be even a couple/family candid day checking out some local sites.

Watch this space, and in the mean time i'll try not to be so lazy and get my site updated, get some things i've done/shot blogged and i'll still also be working and shooting down in Brum 'til the death. Peace.

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