Freelancers Club competition swag!

So you all know I'm a bit of a photo competition whore right, it's a bit of fun, a bit of exposure and you're in control of you artistic output bar a theme. And when you place and win, well it's good for a little social media update too from time to time.

Anyways, (that segway i use way too much) the first thing you need to know when doing competitions, especially crowd vote ones, is, 'be creative' usually means "most aesthetically pleasing version of a literal interpretation and don't be clever or provocative, but do use many filters, trends and of course loadsa bonus points for any technical execution that everyone is hung up on in photography texts books the world over". If it's a judges vote, well you're in the hands of someone else's opinion which you can't really take too seriously because they like you, are human, have opinions and will either get it and like certain styles, or not, or think they know better. I tend to take most with a pinch of salt - win lose or draw. Rather cooly on this occasion I notched up a win with a quirky lingerie image featuring Georgia Mae, which given i associate the Freelancers Club with more fashion and beauty editorial stuff, it was a nice surprise! The prize was some MOO business & postcards which actually transpired to be a heap of credit to spend site wide. I've been using the same old business cards sparingly for a few years now, partly because they had an old (now dead link) venture on the back and partly because i'm rubbish at throwing cards at people for fun. So yeah, I was quite looking forward to an update and playing with MOO's printfinity vibe which allows you to have a different image on each card, portfolio stylie. I threw together a million aperture logos excitedly as It was a mental picture i'd had for a while and this was an excuse to freshen things up, spesh as I get bored easy of old branding... and photos... and ideas... which also makes it a danger game of choosing what to use on them! ha ha. Then I realised with the credit I could do stickers which i fancied too, the postcards and some business cards for my corporate stuff too! All in all it was a corker of a prize given it landed in my lap the same month I had overhauled my site, splitting the 'arty provocative' stuff from the 'work' stuff. But you'll know this already because yer 'ere... unless you are new, in which case welcome (yeah because people read my ramblings!?)

Anyways (SEE!), one last point if you are:

I'm considering selling the postcards on as I rarely sell prints (or make money) and I need that digital money to make the digital bank account look good, so when i die the government can tax it for a fourth time... or I could actually afford to live somewhere one day.

I digress. There 50 postcards, 25 different shots, so 2 of each. The price point, i'm not sure yet. I don't intend on having another run (of postcards atleast), so in theory they're limited edition. My work is always available to offers and prints if anyone wishes to enquire btw, I just don't have a store front or arrogantly assume it's commercially viable to chase up 24/7 and that people would want it.. that's the choice of you, the people. If you like it, don;t be scared to drop me a line. Anyways, these postcards are pretty smart, A5, gloss on the photo side, but not on the reverse which has the best part of my logo on it. There's some rough sizing guides in the photos above, check 'em out!

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