Devilfire + Mallen & the Blacklist Saints

Live at the Birmingham Academy 3 on Saturday 26th August 2017 There's a reason I called my photography Fight the Light, and it wasn't for any cool political or social narrative, it was because live gigs are sometimes a bitch to shoot and I spend more time making photos work in photoshop then I do shooting them! I remember toying with the title of 'damage limitation' instead, but Fight the Light can have a few connotations and has a ring to it... plus it really pisses off purists because you should never Fight the Light, no sir. Anyways, sometimes the Academy 3 bucks this trend and you can get a decent light show of photographic proportions, but today, not so much.

We're hit with a sea of magentas when Blacklist Saints take to the stage, followed by Reds (a real favourite of any live music photographer... honest) before ending on some cyan. To be fair i've been intending on doing a 'red' model shoot for ages, and I actually prefer some of the red shots (minus the skin blow outs) over the others tonight.

But it aint about me moaning about the lighting ('actually, it really is' - say this in a turn to the camera Deadpool whisper), so on to the music..

The Blacklist Saints



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